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You'll Miss Me

This song was so f*&^cking elusive from the very start - but damn do I love it. I wrote 6 different versions of lyrics, and NONE of them felt right. I felt like my brain was completely jumbled every time I went to work on this - but I knew there was such a good song on the other side. I called up Jocelyn and asked for her help. She stepped in as a writer and did some magical shit, and within an hour of her being started to reveal what it was. She came into the studio after writing this with me, and brought an energy I can barely describe, into vocal production. She coached such a killer performance, and broke the notes down to the amount of airflow we wanted during certain notes. That bridge, that pre-chorus - that's all her and her voodoo magic. Not to mention she sang in the group chorus vocals, like it was nothing. Damn.

This song was the moment after War. Its the moment you almost revel in every person who wishes they had you back the moment you were gone. It was that 'I told you you' song. Joce and I had both emerged from situations where we could relate to that - so this felt like the perfect story. Theres a vocal sample buried deep in the track that says "I told you" - which was exactly that feeling we were going for. The, I'm gone - and you'll spend an entire lifetime feeling that


Jocelyn singing the idea and vibe down, from the verse.

Tap bottom right corner for sound

This version was a completely different song, lyrically. 

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