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This song is my absolute favorite song on this project. It was probably a day or two before we were to wrap the project and finish mixing it - and the project was basically done. War wasn't on it. There was this other song, that I loved - and we worked so hard on..but it didn't feel like it's home was on this project, no matter how much I sat with it. I went through my phone and was looking back on voice notes and ideas, and stumbled on the haunting start of the instrumental - that ended up being War.

That same day, I called Matt (who was beyond supportive and amazing) - and between me, him, and Timothonius - we brought it to life. 

The story is personal, its darker, but its also such a hopeful song to me - with that notion of "I'd rather be alone, than try to call you home". That for me was the most powerful part of the song. Yes the song speaks about a toxic breakdown, and love gong cold - but its also the realization that being alone, is better than having empty love.

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