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I'm happy you're here. 

I wanted you to have a little something more behind the music - bits and pieces of how these songs really started. And a glimpse into my messy (very messy) creative world.

I remember feeling like music was the first place in my life where I felt fully understood, seen, and connected. I was hearing all of these amazing songs from artists I wanted to be like someday, but what really made a difference for me - was peeling back some of the layers behind the songs I was about to take in. For me, this is that space to share and tell you in greater depth some of my 'whys' - and show you the weird ways my brain works. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll drop more in here (and will let you know when I do!)- so come back as often as you'd like.

Think of each song as having a scrap book page in my brain. You'll find snippets of voice notes where songs started, my polaroids, the moods boards and creative decks I use before music videos and shoots.(Maybe some weird notes to self)
Just lil piece of my heart, in this weird ass world.


Welcome to the unboxing
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Time to open...
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